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Expand Your Online B2B Business with Ebizio Checkout

The Ebizio Checkout is an advanced Checkout App that will add functionality to improve conversions on your BigCommerce checkout. The App features 11 modules, each of which adds a unique piece of functionality designed to improve your online revenue.


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Ebizio Checkout Modules

The Ebizio Checkout App includes 11 modules, each offering unique solutions to extend the functionality of the BigCommerce open-source checkout.

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Purchase Order

The Purchase Order Module will allow your customers to seamlessly place a Purchase Order directly through your Bigcommerce website.

$79.99 / mo

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Ship on Account

The Ship on Account Module of the Ebizio Checkout app will allow your customers to have orders shipped on an existing shipper account.

$79.99 / mo

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Style Editor

The Style Editor Module will allow a merchant to update the basic styles of the Checkout to improve conversion and conform to branding requirements.

$29.99 / mo

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Customer Group Shipping Method Rules

Allow pre-approved customers to access otherwise hidden Shipping Methods on your Bigcommerce site with the Customer Group Shipping Rules Module.

$79.99 / mo

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Customer Group Payment Method Rules

Allow pre-approved customers to access otherwise hidden Payment Methods on your site with the Customer Group Payment Rules Module of the Ebizio Checkout app.

$79.99 / mo

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Text Editor

The Text Editor Module of the Ebizio Checkout app will allow you to change any auto-generated text that appears in your BigCommerce checkout. Create a more customized user experience at checkout.

$29.99 / mo

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Excise Tax Manager

Assign excise tax rates to online sales of regulated products. Easily configure geographic zones and calculate applicable tax based on customer shipping address.

$294.99 / Month

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Destination Based Product Fee Manager

Apply a flat or percentage-based fee to products that incur more costs based on the shipping destination. 

$294.99 / Month

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Product Fee Manager

Add optional product fees, handling expenses, or surcharges. Apply to any product or group of products in your BigCommerce store.

$194.95 / Month

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Colorado Retail Delivery Fee Manager

Merchants can seamlessly apply the required $0.27 flat fee to orders with a shipping address in the State of Colorado, listed as a separate line item at checkout.

$49.95 / mo.*

*Module not included in free trial.

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Shipping Protection Manager

Give your customers peace of mind by offering delivery protection that covers packages from being lost, stolen, or damaged in transit.  

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More Information on the Ebizio Checkout App for BigCommerce

The Ebizio Checkout app improves sales and conversions by introducing impactful new features to the standard BigCommerce checkout, and optimizing the customer experience. Lighten the burden on your sales staff by implementing streamlined processes for unique business models, including B2B and Wholesaling. Apply custom styles and content to create a more engaging interaction between your brand and your customers.

Upgrade your online business with the intuitive, game-changing Ebizio Checkout app for BigCommerce.