Ebizio Checkout: Colorado Retail Delivery Fee Manager


Colorado Retail Delivery Fee Manager

The Colorado Retail Delivery Fee Manager allows BigCommerce merchants to seamlessly charge the required $0.27 retail delivery fee on taxable goods for Colorado shoppers in compliance with Colo. Rev. Stat. § 43-4-218.


The app will apply the $0.27 flat fee to orders with a shipping address in the State of Colorado, listed as a separate line item at checkout. Receipts or invoices will state the retail delivery fee as one line item, separate from sales tax.


Save your e-commerce business time, effort, and potential errors. Download the Colorado Retail Delivery Fee Manager on your BigCommerce site today.

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Colorado Retail Delivery Fee Manager

The easiest, most reliable way to help merchants comply with the Colorado Retail Delivery Fee requirements. Seamlessly apply the required $0.27 flat fee on taxable products shipped to a Colorado address, listed as a separate line item at checkout.

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Comprehensive Solution

Aligned with Colorado requirements, the flat fee is charged per applicable delivery, no matter how many items are included in the same transaction. Works with your BigCommerce storefront’s existing product catalog.

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Easy Setup and Integration

With one download and a few simple steps, you'll be ready to collect the required delivery fees for Colorado shoppers. Merchants can easily view and export all fee information from the BigCommerce dashboard.

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Organized Recordkeeping

Streamlines recordkeeping by keeping required Colorado Retail Delivery Fees separate from sales tax. Fees are clearly stated on customer receipts and order invoices.

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BigCommerce Compatible

Works with all BigCommerce Stencil themes, in combination with the Optimized One-Page Checkout. For websites using a custom checkout, contact our team prior to downloading this app.

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Safe and Secure

With a fully PCI Compliant integration with the BigCommerce checkout, rest assured transactions are safe and secure.

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In-App Support

Find answers to your questions in our thorough FAQ support system or contact our team of BigCommerce experts. In-App support via Zendesk is included in the monthly fee.

Applications of Colorado Retail Delivery Fee Manager

This application can be leveraged to solve for a number of other scenarios that don’t currently have a solution on the BigCommerce platform.  Contact our team to discuss your unique specifications.

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