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Shipping Protection Manager

Ecommerce businesses are always looking for ways to help customers feel more confident about making a purchase online. One way they do this is by offering delivery protection that covers packages from being lost, stolen, or damaged in transit.

Ebizio has developed a seamless app that allows online store owners to charge shipping protection fees in their BigCommerce store. Automatically calculate a flat or percentage-based fee and apply it to any product or group of products in your BigCommerce store.

Offer your customers peace of mind, and stop losing money by not having the functionality to charge for shipping protection. Download the Shipping Protection Fee Manager on your BigCommerce site today.


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Shipping Protection Manager

Offer customers a shipping protection option that covers packages from loss, theft, or damage. Seamlessly apply flat or percentage-based fees for relevant products in the BigCommerce Checkout.

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Easy Setup and Integration

With one download and a few simple steps, you'll be ready to start offering customers shipping protection in the checkout. Works with your BigCommerce storefront’s existing product catalog.

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Customer Experience

Additional shipping protection fees are clearly displayed as a separate line item in the cart and checkout, as well as on the order confirmation email. Customers can toggle the fee on/off should they change their minds in checkout.

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Merchant Experience

The entirety of the Shipping Protection module is accessible directly from the BigCommerce merchant dashboard. Easily configure and update all settings directly from your BigCommerce store admin panel.

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Mixed Cart Support

Carts may contain both products that have a shipping protection fee applied and products that do not, providing a seamless checkout experience regardless of the items in a customer's cart.

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Discount and Coupon Support

Store owners can still leverage sitewide discounts, category discounts, individual product sales, discounts, and coupons without skipping a beat.

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BigCommerce Compatible

Works with all BigCommerce Stencil themes, in combination with the Optimized One-Page Checkout. For websites using a custom checkout, contact our team prior to downloading this app.

Applications of Shipping Protection Manager

The Shipping Protection Manager can be leveraged to solve for many other scenarios that don’t currently have a solution on the BigCommerce platform. Contact our team to discuss your unique specifications.

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