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excise tax manager

Excise Tax Manager

Ebizio has developed a seamless app that allows store owners to assign excise tax rates to different groups of products and geographic zones.

The Excise Tax App for BigCommerce is a flexible application that will enable merchants to charge excise tax based on the order shipping address. Businesses in heavily regulated and taxed industries, such as vape products, alcohol, and firearms, can collect accurate, line-itemed taxes for specific products and groups of products.

Save time, effort, and money by implementing this excise tax/add-on fee app on your BigCommerce site.

Excise Tax Manager Features

The Excise Tax App for BigCommerce is a flexible application that will enable merchants to charge excise tax based on the order shipping address.

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Customer Experience

By default, excise taxes will be displayed as a separate line item per product in the cart and checkout, as well as on the order confirmation email.

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Merchant Experience

The entirety of the Excise Tax Manager will be accessible as an app directly from your BigCommerce dashboard. Easily configure and update all settings directly from your BigCommerce store admin panel.

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Discounts and Coupons

Store owners can still leverage sitewide discounts, category discounts, individual product sales / discounts, and coupons without skipping a beat.

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Mixed Carts

Carts may contain both products that have an applied tax rate and products that are taxed based on the standard BigCommerce tax settings, providing a seamless checkout experience regardless of the items in a customer's cart.

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Compatibility with other BigCommerce Apps

If your store has apps that specifically customize, or replace, the BigCommerce Checkout process, we’ll need to consult with you and your store before installing the excise tax manager.

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Compatibility and Support

Our solution is compatible with most other BigCommerce apps, including (most importantly) apps like Avalara and TaxJar that merchants may have configured for complex Sales Tax calculations.

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Works with BigCommerce Payment Methods

Our solution is compatible with all BC payment methods, with one simple caveat. In order to calculate a destination based tax, we need to know the destination!

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In-App Support

In-App support via Zendesk will be included in the monthly fee. Additionally, extensive documentation and FAQs will be made available to all Excise Tax Manager customers.

Other Applications of Excise Tax Manager

The app may also be referred to as “Destination Based Product Fees.” While the primary solution we provide is designed for Excise Taxes, this application can be leveraged to solve for a number of other scenarios that don’t currently have a solution on the BigCommerce platform.

Take for instance a specialized ‘Cold Shipping’ fee that a store needs to charge to ship their flash-frozen seafood across the country. This store wants to charge more if they need to ship farther, since they will need to pack the shipment with more dry ice and better insulation for a longer trip. This store can group their products into Product Groups, create Zones radiating from their shipping facility based on the number of days of transit to the destination, and charge an additional Flat Fee Rate based on the destination.

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