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Product Fees Manager

Ebizio has developed a seamless app that allows online store owners to assign special fees or upcharges to items in their BigCommerce store.

Add optional product fees, handling expenses, or surcharges  such as gift wrapping, upgrades, express delivery, etc.  Apply to any product or group of products in your BigCommerce store.

Stop losing money by not having the functionality to charge custom product fees. Implement the Product Fees App on your BigCommerce site today.

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Product Fees Manager Features

The Product Fees Manager for BigCommerce is a flexible application that allows merchants to customize add-on fees for any storefront product. Easily control how fees are displayed and choose if they're optional or required.

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Customer Experience

Additional product fees are clearly displayed as a separate line item in the cart and checkout, as well as on the order confirmation email.

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Merchant Experience

The entirety of the Product Fees app will be accessible directly from your BigCommerce dashboard. Easily configure and update all settings directly from your BigCommerce store admin panel.

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Discounts and Coupons

Store owners can still leverage sitewide discounts, category discounts, individual product sales, discounts, and coupons without skipping a beat.

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Mixed Carts

Carts may contain both products that have an additional custom fee applied and products that do not, providing a seamless checkout experience regardless of the items in a customer's cart.

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Compatibility with other BigCommerce Apps

If your store has apps that specifically customize, or replace, the BigCommerce Checkout process, we’ll need to consult with you and your store before installing the Product Fees app.

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Compatibility and Support

Our solution is compatible with most other BigCommerce apps, including (most importantly) apps like Avalara and TaxJar that merchants may have configured for complex Sales Tax calculations.

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Works with BigCommerce Payment Methods

Our solution is compatible with all BC payment methods, helping you get sales faster.

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In-App Support

In-App support via Zendesk will be included in the monthly fee. Additionally, extensive documentation and FAQs will be made available to all Product Fees app customers.

Applications of Product Fees Manager

Take for example an online apparel retailer that specializes in custom-made t-shirts.  Customers are provided standard silk screening for their shirt design unless they select an upcharge for embroidery. With the BigCommerce Product Fees app, the merchant has full control over which shirts include the embroidery option and how much the additional fee costs.

This application can be leveraged to solve for a number of other scenarios that don’t currently have a solution on the BigCommerce platform. Contact our team to discuss your unique specifications.

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