Case Study: Custom BigCommerce Checkout for Export Compliance

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From smartphones to seismic monitoring, SiTime’s precision timing devices empower some of the world’s biggest brands to create solutions that keep communities safe and connected. To legally comply with export regulations while selling to individuals, governments, and enterprise businesses around the globe, SiTime needed a specialized integration that would allow them to verify customer data in the checkout prior to order fulfillment.

The Challenge: A BigCommerce Checkout Requiring Complex Compliance Screening

SiTime is legally required to screen all orders shipping outside US borders to ensure they’re not selling to individuals and business entities included on a government-restricted list. All customer information must be reviewed in the checkout for specific criteria before the order continues through the normal fulfillment process. To do this, the right checkout solution would need to address the following:

  • Custom in-checkout process to collect additional background information 
  • A custom post-checkout process that reviews buyer information and prevents an order from shipping if the buyer is on a restricted list
  • Integration with existing Descartes Visual Compliance software for real-time review of orders placed through the SiTime BigCommerce store 
  • Integration with current ERP and middleware to support a smooth order fulfillment process
  • Accomodation for other custom apps and solutions involved with the checkout process

To achieve a robust, custom solution that worked with their existing storefront and related software, SiTime partnered with the BigCommerce design and development experts – IntuitSolutions

The Solution: A Custom-Built Checkout and Integration with Compliance Verification Software

For SiTime, our team designed, tested, and launched a custom-built database and integration that works seamlessly with their existing Descartes Visual Compliance software for customer screening in real time.

How it works:

  • When completing a transaction in the checkout, all buyers are required to answer questions in a dropdown format.
  • Buyers outside of the United States are required to answer additional screening questions. Based on those responses, the buyer is prompted with more specific questions to complete the transaction.
  • SiTime’s middleware conveys available and required details to the Descartes Visual Compliance software via the API provided.
  • Responses are stored in the order comments with the complete order record details viewable in the merchant dashboard. This makes the data available to other third-party systems (ERPs, CRMs, etc.), and accessible and exportable from the standard Orders dashboard in BigCommerce.

In the event that an order is flagged for any of the active rejection criteria, the order is placed into a “hold status” in BigCommerce and marked as requiring action for Manual Verification and Compliance Review. The order is then manually reviewed for any indication of non-compliance before being released for shipment.

The Results: A Modern, Fully-Compliant Checkout Solution that  Streamlines and Scales Business Operations

In an age when automation powers growth, online stores will continue to look for ways to streamline their most crucial business processes. With the custom software developed for their BigCommerce store, is now equipped with a custom checkout solution that helps them stay compliant while providing innovative timing solutions to a growing number of buyers across the globe.

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