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In the same way that businesses collect sales tax, businesses that sell regulated products – such as tires, tobacco, alcohol, and fuel – must also collect excise tax. Merchants must accurately collect, remit, and report taxes to the appropriate federal, state, and local governments. Excise taxes vary based on where products are shipped – most often set at the destination’s local, county, or state level but can also be specific to zip code. Some counties and states charge a flat rate per product sold, while others charge a percentage of sales.    

For online tire retailers, this means charging and collecting taxes based on location, tax type (flat rate or percentage), and product sold. With no native solution to calculate or separate these taxes on ecommerce platforms, ecommerce merchants face a significant burden attempting to accommodate the tax laws.

Not having an integrated solution within their store can pose significant problems for ecommerce merchants, often requiring hundreds of hours of additional accounting work to separate sales and excise taxes.  This may require maintaining multiple product databases, collecting taxes separately from online orders, or inflating product prices to include taxes — making competitive pricing difficult.

As such, tire retailers need a way to fully comply with widely diverse tax laws by accurately calculating and charging tire taxes based on the customer’s shipping address.  It is also essential to provide transparency for customers by clearly labeling applicable tire tax fees in the checkout. Excise/tire tax needs to be a separate line item, and not confused with sales tax. 

A BigCommerce App to Manage Tire Tax – Excise Tax Manager 

To address the unique challenge, Ebizio developed the Excise Tax Manager for BigCommerce, a seamless, flexible app enabling ecommerce businesses to assign excise tax rates to different groups of products and geographical areas. With Excise Tax Manager, merchants control the areas where tax is levied as well as the tax rate for each product, ensuring it’s calculated with pinpoint accuracy. 

Order Summary - State Tire Fee

Designed to account for most tax scenarios, the Excise Tax Manager enables merchants to configure groups of products and geographic zones, map corresponding up-charges by dollar amount or percent, and apply fees at the SKU, product, or order level.  This provides a seamless way to accurately charge customers for tire taxes levied at any level (municipality, county, state, etc.) 

The Excise Tax Manager comes ready to implement in BigCommerce with the following features:

Fee Transparency: The excise tax is added and clarified as a separate line item on the cart at checkout, helping customers understand exactly what each charge means.

Seamless Merchant Experience:  The entirety of the Excise Tax Manager is accessible as an app directly within the BigCommerce dashboard.  Merchants can easily configure and update all settings directly from the BigCommerce store admin panel.

Discount and Coupon Compatibility:  Store owners can still leverage sitewide discounts, category discounts, individual product sales / discounts, and coupons without checkout disruption.

Mixed Cart Support:  Carts may contain a mix of products with an applied tax rate and products that are taxed based on the standard BigCommerce tax settings. This provides a seamless checkout experience regardless of the items in a customer’s cart.

BigCommerce Payment Integration – Excise Tax Manager is compatible with all BigCommerce payment methods, with one simple requirement:  in order to calculate a destination based tax, we need to know the destination!

App Compatibility – Excise Tax Manager is compatible with most other BigCommerce apps, including Avalara and TaxJar, which merchants may implement for complex sales tax calculations.

In-App Support – Ongoing support via Zendesk is included in the monthly fee. Additionally, extensive documentation and FAQs is made available to all Excise Tax Manager customers.

Other Applications of Excise Tax Manager

In addition to Excise Taxes, this app can also be used for many other scenarios that don’t have a solution on BigCommerce.  The app is sometimes referred to as a solution for “Destination-Based Product Fees.” 

An example of this may be a “Cold Shipping” fee that a merchant charges to ship temperature-sensitive food products across the country. A business that sells and ships fresh fruits and vegetables, for instance, may charge more if they need to ship the produce farther, since they will need to pack the shipment with more ice and insulation for a longer trip. This store can group their products into Product Groups, create Zones originating from their shipping facility based on the number of days of transit to the destination, and charge an additional Flat Fee Rate based on the destination.

A Reliable Solution to Calculate and Report Tire Tax and Destination-Based Fees

The Excise Tax Manager provides a seamless integration with their BigCommerce storefront that accurately charges customers excise tax in addition to standard sales tax based on where products are shipped. This solution saves these merchants countless hours of recordkeeping and the stress of worrying about hefty fees and penalties for non-compliance with tax laws.  

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