Gun & Ammo Retailer Gets a Solution for Shipping and Delivery Protection

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E-commerce businesses are always looking for ways to help customers feel more confident about making an online purchase. One way they do this is by offering delivery protection that covers packages from being lost, stolen, or damaged in transit.

An online gun and ammunition retailer serving individuals, wholesale distributors, and law enforcement agencies nationwide, Miwall Corp. ships their products to any location in the contiguous United States. To provide shoppers peace of mind with guaranteed delivery, they worked with IntuitSolutions and Ebizio to enhance their website with a custom add-on solution – while preserving an uninterrupted checkout process.

The Challenge: Offering Shipping Protection Options on BigCommerce

Much can go wrong between when a package leaves fulfillment and when it arrives (or doesn’t) at the customer’s doorstep. While most packages reach their intended destinations unscathed, experiencing theft, destruction, or loss of a package can be undeniably distressing for shoppers. 

This type of incident virtually always reflects poorly on a company’s brand, whether or not the business was at fault. The shop owner is generally responsible for an item that’s lost, stolen, or damaged and pays for the cost of both the product and mailing to send another item to the customer.

Most delivery carriers accept limited to no culpability for lost or stolen shipments if the cargo is not protected. By offering guaranteed delivery coverage, customers have the ability to file claims for packages that end up lost, damaged, or stolen during the shipping process.

To manage customer expectations and business finances, Miwall Corp. needed a BigCommerce-ready shipping protection option that offset the cost to shoppers.

The Solution: Product Fee Manager by Ebizio Checkout

For Miwall Corp., IntuitSolutions customized and implemented Ebizio’s Product Fee Manager to create a delivery protection add-on that automatically applies to every shopping cart with a physical item. The delivery fee is calculated as a fixed percentage of the item’s value in the cart.

While the delivery protection fee is added to the shopping cart by default, customers can remove the fee once they checkout. Should they change their mind, they can easily toggle the add-on fee to include it again.

With this custom solution, Miwall Corp. has complete control over the shipping protection module and back office reporting tools. They can easily customize the name of the delivery fee and add a description to help customers understand what the charge entails. Guaranteed delivery fees are applied and labeled separately from tax and shipping during checkout and on order invoices, maintaining complete transparency for the business and shoppers.

Option to Remove Shipping Protection from MiWall Checkout
Checkout - Remove Shipping Protection Option
Checkout - Add Shipping Protection Option
Ebizio Rules for BBwheels
Backoffice Rule Configuration
view shipping protection in back office
Backoffice Order View

The Results: Providing Shoppers Peace of Mind While Managing Business Expenses

As customer expectations are constantly evolving, shipping protection is something most e-commerce businesses have on their radar. With the custom delivery protection integration powered by Ebizio’s Product Fee Manager, now offers customers peace of mind knowing their purchase will arrive safe and secure.

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